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William and Lake Orta - September 2015 - picture by Rob Pearson

Quarter Century of Experience

Our experience of renting property dates back more than 30 years, with more than 25 years experience renting holiday accommodation at Lake Orta.  Times were somewhat different then: we used to put lineage ads in the national newspapers for our one holiday home.  Then in 1998 things developed on two fronts: friends at the lake asked if we would rent their apartments for them, just as this thing called the internet was catching on.  So we set up the beginnings of this web site - initially on a free domain - to showcase our apartments, and save on the postage and expensive colour photocopies we used to have to send out to everyone who telephoned or wrote to us in response to our advertisements.

In 2000, we realised that the internet was working well for us, and registered our current domain, whilst at the same time the number of apartments on offer continued to grow.  With internet usage increasing exponentially, and as the only web presence at that time dedicated to accommodation at Lake Orta, we soon had little need for offline advertising.

In 2006 we had some 20 apartments on offer, but have since slimmed this down, no longer renting our own apartment, and declining to act as agents for accommodation where we felt owners weren't responding adequately to feedback or were asking unrealistic prices.  Virtually all enquiries now come from the web.

Over the years we have also registered a number of other prime domains including and OrtaSø to increase our international web footprint, in line with our strategy to attract a clientele from continental Europe, particularly Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, and Scandinavia, in addition to the worldwide Anglophone market.

Eight is Great

In 2017 we further cut down our portfolio to free up some of that precious commodity, time.  One apartment in a condominium was sold, and we dropped the apartments in Orta San Giulio where the market is mainly short stays, which take up a disproportionate amount of management time.  We see our core market as weekly rentals.  We also transferred the bookings for one house to the owners.  So today we offer eight apartments.

We aim to please

Our aim is to share our love of Lake Orta with you our holidaymakers: we aim to make your experience as enjoyable and complete as possible, whether you are looking for a relaxing stay away from pressures back home, or want to see as much as you can of this wonderful area and neighbouring parts of Italy.  We want you to come away feeling you've had good value for money, and we are touched that every year so many of you choose to come back to Lake Orta.

We do feel we're a bit different from many of our competitors - here's why!

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