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Availability September to December 2022

Last revised 5-8-2022

X against 4/9 means already taken for the week from Saturday 4th to Saturday 11th September.  m, tu, w, th, f, su refer to days of the week, so m. means booked from Monday (to Saturday), .m means booked (from Saturday) to Monday.  m.f means booked from Monday to Friday.  .m f. means Monday to Friday is available.  Ask or email to double check.
Property Sleeps 3/9 10/9 17/9 24/9 1/10 8/10 15/10 22/10 29/10 5/11 12/11 19/11 26/11 3/12 10/12 17/12 24/12 low
Isola 2    


.w                           690      
Casa Fiori 4                                   620      
Bluewater 4 to 6 X X X X X X X                     450 520 600 670

Eight coloured price bands A to H show the weekly price.  Isola and Casa Fiori are the same price throughout the year.  Prices are in pounds sterling, ask for quotes in other currencies.  Prices are per week.  Stays shorter than a week are possible at some times of year, see short stays for details.

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