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Lake Orta

The beautiful Isola San Giulio at Lake Orta

Welcome to Tranquillity Base, for that special vacation to experience first-hand this wonderful area of Northern Italy.  We offer one week fully accompanied tours in June and early July.  See Lake Orta and its island, see the unique gardens of the Villa Taranto on Lake Maggiore, take a day trip to the foot of Monte Rosa, visit the Isola Bella on Lake Maggiore with its exotic terraced gardens and white peacocks...and much more!.  

From the moment you arrive at Milan Malpensa airport, we look after you, with a friendly bilingual guide/chaffeur. 

Lake Orta

Lake Orta is the most westerly - and most enchanting! - of the Italian Lakes.  It is set in the foot-hills of the Alps, in a gentle and inviting landscape, with the Alpine peaks to the north, and the plain of the Po valley to the south.  The area has long been popular with discerning Italians as a summer holiday retreat, and there are many splendid villas in the area dating back several hundred years.  There are endless possibilities in the area for sightseeing, and strolling through the little villages and paths, and there are several small beaches on Lake Orta.

Italy is a delight in terms of sites, scenery, mouthwatering food, people and weather, and Orta is an outstandingly beautiful part of Italy. It is also an area that supplies cooks and hoteliers to the rest of the world, so hospitality comes naturally to the people there!   We do everything we can to make your stay the best possible, and we know you will enjoy the tranquilly and beauty of this unique area.


Your stay is at Villa Gelsomina, in a beautiful apartment with stunning lake views, and 14 x 5 metre swimming pool set in grounds overlooking Lake Orta.

View of Lake Orta and the island of San Giulio

Being situated at 500 metres altitude, the air is noticeably clean and very pleasant. In summer when it can get quite hot in the plains in Italy, in Vacciago there can be a gentle and welcome breeze of mountain air.

From your apartment, you will be able to see the colours of the island and lake change throughout the day, from soft hues at dawn, through bolder blues in the middle of the day, through warm ochres in the evening.  At night the island and little villages on the far side of the lake are lit up, making a wonderully romatic sight.

You are just three miles from the beautiful lakeside village of Orta San Giulio, where we will accompany you some evenings for an unforgettable meal.

Accompanied Trips

We will take you by private car on a selection of some of the following trips.

· Orta San Giulio and the Island of San Giulio. An enchanting lakeside village set on the edge of the peninsular which faces the island you can see from your living room. We can take a boat to the island and see church where the remains of Saint Julius (after whom the island is names) are kept.

· Stresa, Lago Maggiore, Isola Bella. We will take you to Stresa on Lake Maggiore for a day-trip, and take a small boat to the world famous Isola Bella.with its beautiful Borromeo palace, exotic terraced gardens, and white plumed peacocks.

· Mottarone. We take you (by car) to the peak of this mountain which lies between Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore, from where - on a good day - there is a spectacular view of seven lakes and the whole Alpine arc.

· Villa Taranto at Verbania. We will accompany you to another of the world-famous attractions on Lake Maggiore, where you can stroll among this extensive garden full of thousands of rare and beautiful plants and trees.

· Val Vigezzo. We can take you on a wonderful day trip (by car or partly by narrow gauge mountain railway if desired) to Santa Maria Maggiore and the Sanctuary at Re.  Maming the trip by car, we can make a round trip by returning through the Val Connobina, a spectacular gorge, and then along the west side of Lake Maggiore.

· Villa Pallavicino at Stresa. We accompany you to this beautiful park with plants and animals.

· Macugnaga. We accompany you to this skiing resort at the foot of Monte Rosa; if desired you can take two cable cars right up to 2900 metres for a spectacular view!

· Fondazione Calderara (five minutes on foot). A modern art collection  by a famous former resident of Vacciago.

· Wine Cellars at Sizzano  A wine tasting in this village which produces some of the best local red wines (of the same name).


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