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March 2020  We are no longer renting the apartments in Villa Gelsomina following the sale of the villa in March 2020.  For info, the new owner will not be renting the apartments.

Sunset from Villa Gelsomina, January 2020

We rented the villa for 15 very successful seasons, and we know that many of you really appreciated the immense amount of work it takes to run such a business, to stay on top of bookings, staff and maintenance, and to ensure your stays went smoothly.  Whilst all good things come to an end, we know that many of you have wonderful memories of your time at the villa which will last you a lifetime, and we are proud to have built and made available this unique villa and run a successful business with it which provided such relaxation, reflection and enjoyment to so many.  We will always be pleased to hear your continuing feedback and reflections of your stays at Villa Gelsomina.

June 2020  In what will prove to be a remarkable boost for the enjoyment of nature lovers and the long term propects of Lake Orta as a sustainable tourism destination, Google's Street View is now live on 1000 km of footpaths around the lake.  You can also walk the Via del Silenzio on the island, take a tour of the entire coastline from a few metres offshore, and even encircle the island suspended above the lake a few metres offshore!!

Google Street View of the Island of San Giulio

The mapping initiative was undertaken from late Summer 2019 to Spring 2020 under Google's Trekker Loan Program, under which 150 volunteers walked with Google's borrowed backpack camera units.  Lake Orta is one of very few areas in Italy to have mapped footpaths, following hard on the heels of the top tourist destinations of the Dolomites and Venice, but as a relatively poorly signposted area it will actually benefit holidaymakers more, without any physical change on the ground.  The benefits are multiple, but primarily that walkers, bikers and all those who want to enjoy this remarkable place can now see exactly where there are paths, and can of course see the exact nature of the routes and their viability.  This was a big issue at the lake (as with so many less frequented locations), with many modern maps typically relying on older maps that were often hopelessly out of date.  Now this initiative is in effect a new survey that brings everything immediately up to date, and nature lovers can make their own mind up about each route.  And of course in times of covid we can explore the lake from home!

Google Street View of Sant'Antonio at Vacciago di Ameno

Here's a Street View Backpacker at work on one of the footpaths above the lake!

Street View Backpacker on the Trekker Loan Program at Lake Orta

Now there a just a few missing paths still to do, and it will of course all need to be kept up-to-date with regular updates like the rest of Street View!

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