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December 2012  We've upgraded the widget on the Blog and Special Offers page, as the old one appeared to have stopped working, so you can once again read tweets from @LakeOrta, listing special offers, late cancellations, and other news items about Lake Orta and the Italian Lakes!  We've added twitter buttons to the home page, to allow you to spread the word via twitter, and be the first to hear of our special offers by following us @LakeOrta!  And we've added tweet buttons all over the site to allow you to recommend apartments and information pages to all your friends and followers!

November 2012  We've moved the Danish version of our home page to a newly registered domain Ortasø, which is the Danish name for 'Lake Orta'.  For those interested in these things, it has only recently been possible to register domain names like this one with accented or international characters.  The domain name should display correctly for Danish users with new browsers, but if you are not using the Danish language, the domain name may not display correctly (though the web site still should).  The latest browsers (such as Internet Explorer 9) should automatically detect the international domain name and give you the option to adjust your language settings.

October 2012  We've registered the domain to host the new Swedish version of our home page, and to host the Finnish version [the finnish web site was dropped in 2017, sorry, maintaining multilingual is a lot of work].

September 2012  the New York Times article below has now been referenced by La Stampa in this copycat article (in Italian) reporting just how much Lake Orta is appreciated by Americans!  The article also references La Stampa's own photo shoot from June 2012 (also in Italian) explaining how Lake Orta has conquered British hearts!

September 2012.  The New York Times published (on 23rd September) a very complimentary article about Lake Orta in the travel section, entitled "The Secret Little Sister of the Italian Lakes".  Written by Bonnie Tsui, who stayed in Venere in July, the article recommends Holiday Homes at Lake Orta for short term apartment rentals, with a link to (see page 2 of the article, under 'Where To Stay').  The article also has a quote from our daughter Yasmin who met the writer on several occasions.  Read the full article here.

May 2012.  We've separated out the golf and skiing information from other local activities and sports, to create separate pages for each.

May 2012.  We've had to cut down the small oak tree in the grounds of Villa Gelsomina (behind the chess board), which died in the winter; this has opened up the view even more...  We've also replaced the two olive trees in the front garden, which were also caught in the winter, by three red beech trees (faggi rossi).  The beautiful scented Jasmines also suffered, but are now sprouting out again.

Two of the three new Red Beech trees in the front garden of Villa Gelsomina, planted May 2012. Photo by Ermes.   One of the three new Red Beech tree in the front garden of Villa Gelsomina, planted May 2012. Photo by Ermes.

March 2012.  The same Guardian article by Edward Docx was published in the Melbourne weekend paper The Age on Saturday 24th March 2012, you can read the article here.

March 2012.  Lake Orta features in the front page of the travel section of the Guardian on Saturday 10th March 2012, in a very complimentary article by Edward Docx, you can read the article here. This website is mentioned in the article, and in the online version, someone has recommended Villa Gelsomina in the comments, saying that Lake Orta "is a most beautiful place and my tip would be VILLA GELSOMINA. Out of town, modern, well designed and with spectacular views over the lake. The pool is cold, though.". Thank you and sorry about the pool (whoever you are!) - it does warm up in summer!

January 2012.  We are delighted to be able to offer Cielo su Terra, a superb honeymoon suite, in the heart of Orta San Giulio.

January 2012.  We have renewed the photos of La Calla and L'Orchidea, the two one-bedroom apartments in Orta San Giulio.

January 2012.  Alpyland, with the amazing new Mottarone Bob run, is now open, in all seasons too!  It offers a 750 metre descent from the top of the Mottarone on two-person bobs, speed reach about 40 km/h. Rides cost just €4.50. See the you tube video at

Mottarone Bob, at Alpyland, the new bob run at the top of the Mottarone!

January 2012.  We have added more pictures to the winter gallery, taken from Villa Gelsomina, and from the Via Crucis & Monte Mesma walk (walk 4 from Villa Gelsomina)

Beautiful soft colours of winter sunset from Villa Gelsomina

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