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October 2013  We've re-aligned the satellite dish at Villa Gelsomina to pick up the UK freeview channels that have become available within the last 2 years from the group of Astra satellites at the 28.2° orbital position.  This means you can now view many UK channels including most of the BBC and ITV channels, plus Channel 4, Film 4, and E4 and more!  This is all in addition to the local digital TV channels that are available!  We've also replaced the satellite and digital terrestrial cables from the antenna to the villa which after 8 years underground had degraded significantly, which had this year made many higher frequency channels unavailable.  The result of all the above is a big improvement in the viewing experience at Villa Gelsomina!

July 2013  Do you live in East Anglia or the South West of England?  There are new airlines with new direct routes to Milan Malpensa, the airport for Lake Orta!  BMI Regional flights have been operating from Bristol to Malpensa from May 2013, and from 2nd September 2013 Darwin Airline flies direct from Cambridge to Malpensa [but see our April 2014 news, as unfortunately the Cambridge-Malpensa route now no longer operates].  Airline links are on our flights page.

June 2013  I've finally worked out why I couldn't see the 'tool tips' any more on when my mouse is over an image, and I've brought them back on the home page (the rest of the site will have to wait until I've got a bit more time!).  For the technically minded, it's because Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and higher versions (and also Firefox) no longer support ALT tags, which the world was using quite happily until some web purists decided we were abusing their true purpose, so now the tool tip text has to all be in TITLE tags (unless of course you're still using IE7 or older versions).  So the text has all got to be duplicated - that's quite a lot of editing for, any volunteers?

June 2013  We have a new logo!  We've started using the new logo on our web sites and communications!

June 2013  Apartment Isola in the main square of Orta San Giulio has been completely refurbished, and we've replaced all pictures on the apartment page with new photos taken in May 2013.

Newly refurbished bedroom area of apartment 'Isola', with superb view of Piazza Motta and the island of San Giulio   Stunning view from the bedroom of apartment 'Isola'

May 2013  Our splendid new lake-side apartment Villa Heureka is now available, and the first clients were very happy with it.

April 2013  We've finally got round to updating the flight table - it needed it!

April 2013  We wouldn't normally mention the DVDs in the collections in the apartments, but we have just added Luchino Visconti's classic The Leopard (Il Gattopardo) to both Panorama and Dolce Vita, so we'll make an exception.  Mandatory viewing for italophile film enthusiasts (in our humble opinion).  Starring Burt Lancaster, Alain Delon and Claudia Cardinale, Italian with English subtitles.  Clips: Trailer, Deve cambiare tutto perché niente cambi, Waltz, Il Bacio, Conversation with Chevalier.  To see this classic, book one of these apartments now!

April 2013  Wifi internet is now available in Giove and Venere, this is ADSL via a fixed line and rated around 140 kbps - the same solution we have offered for some time in Villa Gelsomina that clients have generally been very happy with.

March 2013  We've added a table of the local markets to the shopping page.

March 2013  Wifi internet is now available in Casa Bartula, this is an ADSL service via a fixed line.

January 2013  We've split the page on Orta San Giulio into 4 separate pages for each season, so you can see what Orta looks like at different times of year!  We've also put the information about car hire in a table format, and organised into a table all the press coverage we've been getting!

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