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November 2015  From 7-4-2016 Easyjet will offer a new direct route from Manchester (MAN) to Milan Malpensa (MXP).  The flight is daily, but won't operate on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

October 2015  From 2-12-2015 Easyjet will fly direct from Glasgow (GLA) on Saturdays and Wednesdays to Milan Malpensa.  And a new Ryanair flight from London Stansted will fly twice daily to Malpensa from 1-12-2015.  Details in latest Malpensa Airport newsletter.

June 2015  We've installed wireless internet in Casa Fiori using the WIC beamed service ( and an antenna.  This now means that, with the exception of the smaller apartments in Orta San Giulio, all our apartments offer free wifi internet.  (The only apartments without internet are: Isola, Calla, Orchidea, Cielo su Terra.)

June 2015  To increase the competitiveness of apartments to different sized groups, we're trying variable pricing, where the cost depends on the number of people.  We've done this now for Ciao Sole!, Ciao Italia!, Giove and Venere.  Regret cannot be applied retrospectively to existing bookings.

May 2015  We're pleased to offer new for 2015 Guided Nature Walks with Albert every Wednesday morning, taking you on some of the paths around Miasino and Ameno.  See Tell Me About... Nature Walks for details.

May 2015  With the number of apartments on offer in the area having now grown considerably in the last few years, we've slashed prices of apartments in Orta San Giulio and Pella where we've felt the competition most keenly, by up to 25%.  New reduced prices for all new bookings are now in place for Calla, Orchidea, Isola, Giove, Venere, and Casa Fiori.  We believe we are now highly competitive in price, in addition to having well situated apartments with a good inventory and of course our legendary location pack to help you get the most out of your stay.

May 2015  The dates for the June concerts on the island are now published, they are 12th to 27th June.  Download the 2015 concert programme (2Mbyte pdf).  Superb setting, very atmospheric, highly recommended!

May 2015  The restaurant walking distance from Villa Gelsomina (the Locanda del Buon Riso in the Vecchio Circolo at Lortallo) is now open!

April 2015  Google has now approved as mobile friendly. Yay!We've redesigned our home page to make it mobile-friendly.  We've increased the font size throughout our website to make it more usable on iPads and PDAs.  We hope you like it!  Web usage has changed, with more users on mobile devices, and mobile and PC screens now have much higher resolution.  The changes we've made keep our web site up to date in line with the latest technology trends.  In any event, being mobile-friendly is now a necessity, as Google now demotes in the page rankings sites that aren't mobile-friendly!

April 2015  Cinema Paradiso director Giuseppe Tornatore has chosen Lake Orta to shoot parts of his new romantic drama The Correspondence.  Filming took place in April 2015 on the Isola San Giulio, with the film's stars Olga Kurylenko (from Quantum of Solace) and Jeremy Irons.  The film is also blessed with music by the masterful Ennio Morricone, who scored Cinema Paradiso, The Mission and so many other top films.  Read the latest about this eagerly awaited film from La Stampa, FilmItalia and

Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace) is in Giuseppe Tornatore's new film The Correspondence which was filmed in April 2015 on the island of San Giulio

April 2015  We've changed the pricing of Casa Fiori to use a flat rate for all times of year, to increase the competitivness of this great apartment.

April 2015  We've redecorated Ciao Sole!, Ciao Italia! and Casa Miralago.  All part of regular maintenance to keep our apartments bright and clean!  They look great!

April 2015  We've pruned the large oak in the grounds of Villa Gelsomina, which had got very large and was overhanging the pool.  We've kept the natural shape!

Pruning the large oak tree at Villa Gelsomina on 3.4.2015 - before!  Pruning the large oak tree at Villa Gelsomina on 3.4.2015 - during!  Pruning the large oak tree at Villa Gelsomina on 3.4.2015 - during!  Pruning the large oak tree at Villa Gelsomina on 3.4.2015 - after!

March 2015  The living room of Casa Bartula has been completely refurbished with a new kitchen!

  New kitchen of Casa Bartula!  Extra single bed of Casa Bartula

March 2015  We've removed the bamboo from the grounds of Villa Gelsomina.  Although bamboo is a fun plant, as anyone that has it knows once it takes hold it becomes difficult to manage, pushing up strong shoots yards from where you'd thought you put it.  The grounds on that side of the villa are being redone, and a further update will be provided later this spring.

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