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Autumn view from Piazza Motta - Orta San Giulio - Photo with permission and courtesy of Giovanni Vignotto 2012

The stunning view of the Island of San Giulio from Piazza Motta, the main square of Orta San Giulio

Orta San Giulio is an enchanting village set on the edge of the peninsula which faces the Island of San Giulio.  The village has a special atmosphere of calm and tranquillity like no other place on earth, and a wealth of restaurants, ice cream bars, shops and bars, and a fun mini-golf.  It's easy to pass the time strolling, having a capuccino or aperitivo, and generally people watching.

Walk up above the village to the Sacro Monte, just for the view, or to see the series of chapels with statues and frescos depicting episodes in the life of San Francesco d'Assisi.

Take a launch to the Island of San Giulio: the twelfth century Romanesque Basilica on the island has a glass coffin with what's left of Saint Giulio on display, who is supposed to have walked on the lake in his better days.  The motor launches in Orta San Giulio are run as a cooperative, web site

Take the little train (trenino) around Orta San Giulio, for details see web site www.treninodiorta.htm

In the past, Orta has hosted a series of monumental sculptures, dotted around the village.  In 2008 they were by Pomodoro, and in 2010 by Rabarama.

Boats and Island of San Giulio, from Via Giovanetti - Orta San Giulio - Photo with permission and courtesy of Giovanni Vignotto 2012

A view of the Island of San Giulio from Orta San Giulio

From Orta San Giulio you can follow the path around the peninuslar (full details of this walk are provided in your location pack) right next to the lake.  For Villa Gelsomina and the apartments in Vacciago, we also provide directions for the walk down through the chestnut woods to Orta San Giulio.  You can swim in the lake from several places on the peninsular, including the little beach at Ortello.

In the last week of September there is a Poetry Festival with readings in many different locations around Orta San Giulio and on the island.  For details see Poetry on the Lake (

Admire the enchanting Isola San Giulio from the delightful little piazza in Orta San Giulio, where you can sip a Martini soaking up the unspoilt charm and tranquillity of this unique place.  The village is full of pizzerias, trattorias, and restaurants - for all tastes and all pockets.

Orta San Giulio is not known particularly as a place for night life, but the Piano Bar in the Hotel San Rocco often has live music, and with its superb setting right on the lake can be a great place after a meal, and in fact there are several other enotecas and great bars in the village and nearby.

You too could be sipping a Martini soaking up the ambience in Piazza Motta, Orta San Giulio  Jackie and Ken - April 2010 - click for details of our wedding organisation service   Santa Maria dell'Assunta in Orta San Giulio

Café in Piazza Motta - the perfect place for a relaxed wedding - and Santa Maria Assunta at the top of the steps above the main square of Orta San Giulio

Stone roofs - Orta San Giulio - Photo with permission and courtesy of Giovanni Vignotto 2012

Most of the roofs in Orta San Giulio are made in stone in the traditional way

Ornamental ironwork in one of the courtyard houses - Orta San Giulio - Photo with permission and courtesy of Giovanni Vignotto 2012

Entrance to the courtyard of one of the houses in Orta San Giulio, with characteristic stone columns and ornamental ironwork

The following apartment is situated right in Orta San Giulio: Isola.

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