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Location for Online Maps

To find the location of the holiday homes on sites such as or, enter the country as Italy, and the location as follows.

Holiday Home Location
Villa Gelsomina Lortallo
Giove, Venere, Isola Orta San Giulio
Casa Fiori Pella
Casa Bartula Bolzano Novarese
Villa Heureka Omegna

Arriving by Air

The closest airport to Lake Orta is Milan Malpensa airport, just 24 miles (40 km) from the lake, but three others, Milan Linate airport, Milan Bergamo (Orio al Serio) airport and Turin Caselle airport are all within 2 hours drive.  For full details of scheduled and low cost flights from the UK, Ireland, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and Finland, see our table of flights to Lake Orta.

We recommend you pick up a hire car at the airport.  See this page for links to the main car hire companies.  A hire car is the easiest way of doing the transfer, can be cheaper than return taxi transfers, and will help you get more out of the area (even if you don't use the hire car on some days).

Arriving by public transport from any of the airports is possible, but needs several changes, and there are connections only at certain times of the day.  See below for trains from Malpensa airport.

Train from Malpensa Airport to Orta-Miasino station

The best train route, which takes just 2 hours at best, is from the airport via Busto Arsizio Nord (9 minutes), and from there to Novara Nord.  From Novara Nord station it's a few minutes walk via an underpass to the main train station (just "Novara"), from where there are direct trains to Orta-Miasino.  For the first part from Malpensa to Novara Nord there are trains hourly, but from Novara to Orta Miasino the trains are only every 2 hours, and with a big gap mid-morning.

The train from Malpensa Airport has now been extended to Terminal 2 (this opened in early 2017).  There are now stops at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

Here is the Timetable from Malpensa to Orta-Miasino (correct August 2016).  Mon-Sun means the trains run every day.  Mon-Sat means the trains run every day except Sunday.  Mon-Fri means the trains run on weekdays only.  Always check the times of your chosen train on for the actual day of your journey.

Station Mon-Sun Mon-Sat Mon-Sun Mon-Fri Mon-Sun Mon-Fri Mon-Sun
Malpensa Aeroporto depart 1056 1156 1356 1456 1556 1656 1756
Busto Arsizio Nord arrive 1103 1203 1403 1503 1603 1703 1803
Busto Arsizio Nord depart 1120 1220 1420 1520 1620 1720 1820
Novara Nord arrive 1149 1249 1449 1549 1649 1749 1849
Novara depart 1223 1345 1516 1619 1734 1818 1915
Orta-Miasino arrive 1302 1431 1604 1707 1825 1907 2005

There are sometimes taxis at Orta-Miasino station, or ask in the station bar to book you at taxi.

· It's walkable from Orta-Miasino station to Orta San Giulio in about 20 minutes if you have light luggage.  Left out the station.  Left at the end.  Pass under the railway bridge and walk down to the roundabout (cross on the right at the zebra).  Straight over the roundabout.  Turn left after the Villa Crespi, and keep going (as you round the corner, this is the nicest bit and by far the best way to arrive in Orta!).

· It's also possible to walk from Orta-Miasino to Villa Gelsomina in about 35 minutes.  Right out the station and follow the road up the hill, see Walk 2 in your location pack for full details.

And here is the Timetable from Orta-Miasino to Malpensa (correct August 2016).  Mon-Sun means the trains run every day.  Mon-Sat means the trains run every day except Sunday.  Mon-Fri means the trains run on weekdays only.  Always check the times of your chosen train on for the actual day of your journey.

Station Mon-Sat Mon-Sun Mon-Sat Mon-Sun Mon-Sat Mon-Sun Mon-Sun Mon-Sun
Orta-Miasino depart 0712 0804 0904 1351 1453 1653 1854 1952
Novara arrive 0754 0842 0945 1446 1542 1740 1943 2039
Novara Nord depart 0811 0911 1011 1511 1611 1811 2011 2111
Busto Arsizio Nord arrive 0838 0938 1038 1538 1638 1838 2038 2138
Busto Arsizio Nord depart 0855 0955 1055 1555 1655 1855 2055 2155
Malpensa Aeroporto arrive 0904 1004 1104 1604 1704 1904 2104 2204

Arriving by Car

The holiday homes are very easily reached by road, and detailed directions are supplied in your location pack.

You may find the directions available from the Michelin online route finder useful.  Wherever you are driving from, a choice of routes is available, and as well as an overall map, the itinerary now shows smaller maps for each junction and even the speed cameras!  Enter the destination location as detailed above.

To sail through Italian motorway tolls almost without stopping, Italian Telepass boxes or VIACards can now be bought online at  Any feedback on the services provided by this website would be appreciated.

Travelling by Car from the UK

Lake Orta is just 670 miles from Calais (just two thirds of the distance to Tuscany!) so it's an easy two day drive.

Kandersteg - Goppenstein rail tunnel - drive-on drive-off and stay in your car - superb swiss efficiency! Preferable (imho) to the queues for the Gotthard road tunnel!

We have two route suggestions:

If you don't fancy driving on the alpine passes, you can book a place on the train that goes right through from Kandersteg to Iselle. Book at

If you take an early morning ferry across the channel and follow either of the above routes, a wonderful hotel to break the drive is Husseren Les Chateux in Alsace.  It's about 6 hours drive from Calais, and 5 hours from Lake Orta.

To avoid any delays at the motorway tolls or at the Swiss border, French Liber-T boxes, Swiss Vignettes, and Italian Telepass devices and VIACards can all be bought online at  Any feedback on the services provided by this website would be appreciated.

And if you need real-time traffic reports for UK motorways, try  

Travelling by Train

You can arrive at the main-line station of Arona and take a taxi (about 40 euros).

Alternatively, there is a very scenic branch-line between Domodossola and Novara, with 5 or 6 trains a day in each direction.  The nearest station is called Orta-Miasino, and is in Legro, about half a mile from Orta San Giulio, so walkable with light luggage.  It's further from our other holiday homes, you'll need a taxi.  This local train service cannot be booked in advance, you must buy the ticket in Italy.

From the U.K., taking advantage of the Eurostar service through the Channel Tunnel, the journey time from St. Pancras International to Orta-Miasino, including changes, is just 10 to 12 hours if you travel during the day, longer for sleepers.  Two routes are possible: Paris-Lausanne-Domodossola; or Paris-Turin-Novara.  The timing works well if you want to stay overnight in Paris: a TGV service runs from Paris (Gare de Lyon station) to Milan, it works well to change at Turin (Porta Susa station) so that you do not have to switch stations like you do if you change at Milan, to then get a train that stops at Novara.  From there, you can then pick up the local train to Orta-Miasino.  

There are now several web sites for booking Italian and European train tickets, including (mainly for Italian trains) and Deutsche Bahn (  Another good web site for European train travel is

Note: for some of these we sites you need to type in the station Orta-Miasino in full and with the hyphen!  And don't forget to validate ("convalidare") local train tickets in the yellow machines before you get on the train!

If you need a taxi from a nearby station, see list below.

Travelling by Bus

The local bus company is Comazzi, their web site lists a number of local services.  Phone number 0322-844862 (+39-0322-844862 from outside Italy).

STN - Società Trasporti Novaresi - operates a bus service between Malpensa airport and Novara every one to two hours, timetable at

A bus runs from Malpensa airport to and from Novara every one to two hours, this bus is provided by STN (Società Trasporti Novaresi), the timetable is at, cost €7.  From Novara, take the train to Orta-Miasino (details above).


The following local firms operate taxis in the area:

More taxi numbers will be provided in your location pack.


For a hire car or minibus with driver, contact Gilardetti at Borgomanero.  Telephone +39-0322-844.744  Web site

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