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Welcome to Lake Orta Weddings!  We can help you with your plans for a very special wedding in Italy.  We work for people with a modest budget - medium priced hotels and restaurants - that are looking for that unique Italian wedding in this wonderful unspoilt area.  You can enjoy a wedding in a charming italian lakeside setting, and experience excellent food and friendly service of some of the local hotels and restaurants on your special day - and perhaps for a few days before and afterwards.  At Lake Orta, the local people have hospitality in their blood, there is no better place to have your wedding reception!

Katherine and Alex - 4th August 2011 - click for more images

Recent weddings.  See the photos of Katherine and Alex, Jackie and Ken, Lynne and Daniel, Lesley and Andrew, Lisa and Warren, Amy and Spencer, Emma and Jamie and Jane and Garry.

Katherine and Alex - 4th August 2011 - a romantic walk around the island after the ceremony   Jackie and Ken's champagne boat trip   Click for Lynne and Daniel   Click for images of Lesley and Andrew
Click for Lisa and Warren   Amie and Spencer - click for more photos   Click for Emma and Jamie's wedding   Click for Jane and Garry

Lake Orta Weddings - for the most special of wedding receptions at very reasonable pricesWhat we offer.  We will do as much as you want us to.  Just advice on venues, or help organising any or all aspects of the arrangements, from choosing the wedding location and reception venue, obtaining all necessary paperwork in Italy, organising evenings or trips to local sites before or after the wedding, help with the accommodation (we have private apartments available for hire), travel arrangements, advice on any aspects of your wedding at Lake Orta, and interpretting as necessary, including as the official interpretter on the day (necessary for non-Italian speakers).

Lake Orta Weddings - for an unforgettable day!What are our qualifications?  We have known the area intimately for more than 25 years, we love Italy and Lake Orta in particular, and have many local contacts we can draw on to support your arrangements, speak fluent Italian, and also, we got married ourselves at Orta San Giulio (that's us in some of the pictures)!

Lake Orta Weddings - for a unique day at Italy's most enchanting lake!Costs.  We will be very happy to discuss your requirements, and to provide an estimate of costs at the earliest opportunity.  With careful planning, taking advantage of the private apartments we can provide for some or all of your party if you wish, and the amazingly cheap flights now available from the U.K., we guarantee that the cost of your wedding will be less than a comparable wedding in the U.K., but for an event that will be quite incomparable!

Lake Orta Weddings - why not arrive or depart from the town hall in style?Why us?  We are specialists in Lake Orta, and don't claim to know anywhere else as well!  Aside from having this local knowledge and local contacts, we offer the completely personalised service that you would expect from a small organisation.  There are further savings too when you use us as your wedding consultants: we will not automatically push you towards a 'dream' hotel at Orta, because we believe you can eat as well, and in a warmer atmosphere and for less cost, in other local hotels and restaurants, if that is what you would prefer.  And if you choose to stay in some of our self-catering apartments for yourselves or your guests, not only is there a cost saving - especially if you or some of your guests would like to stay for a week or two around the big day - but you and your guests can have that much more privacy and flexibility.  And we can provide a private apartment for your use when you come to have a look at some of the venues, and to make your plans for your special day...

Contacting us.  Please contact us at your earliest convenience by telephone on +44-7799-838483 or email us at outlining your thoughts so far for your wedding.

Lake Orta Weddings - the Villa Bossi, the Palazzo Comunale of Orta San Giulio - a 17th Century Villa with terrace overlooking the lake - where civil weddings are held   Lake Orta Weddings - for the most charming of weddings at Italy's most enchanting lake

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